Organizing Together: How it Works

Step 1:  

  • Free Phone assessment: 20 minutes. We'll discuss your project goals, challenges, desired outcomes, and more.
  • The assessment gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and lets us see if we would be a good fit organizing together.
  • I want to understand how I can best help you!

Step 2:

  • Schedule a minimum 4 hour in-home session to see your desired outcomes come to life.  
  • Our side by side organizing time together will be customized to fit your needs.
  • Free organizing product recommendations will be provided to you.  




Phone Consultation (Free):

Getting to know you and your expectations for hiring a Professional Organizer; generally lasts about 20 minutes.


Getting Started with Positive Spaces ($200 - 4 Hours):

This package is a good fit for anyone struggling with just one category (i.e. clothes, kitchen cupboards). I have found we need a minimum of 4 hours to show significant improvement, no matter what the project. 


Positivity Starts at Home ($540 - 12 hours):

This package is an excellent choice for those wanting to create breathing room (and peace) in their homes. You will be able to take the tools I teach you and apply it in other areas of your home, and life!


Transform My Life ($800 - 20 Hours):

This is my most popular package and it's a GREAT option for those seeking to organize their home from top to bottom. It gives us five sessions to work together--one day for each category/area. In order to keep the momentum going, I recommend scheduling appointments weekly until the package is complete. 


Move Prep and Unpack ($50 / hr):

Getting ready to move?  I will create an itemized inventory or your belongings and work with you the weeks leading up to your move to make sure you are in order and help you unpack in your new home.  


A La Carte Hours ($50 / hr):

After a package is completed you will have the option to add "A La Carte" hours to bring a project to completion.


Payment Options:

I accept cash, check, and all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa). Payment is due prior to our session.


Areas Serviced:

I service all areas located within Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties. If you live outside these areas, and still want my service, I may require an additional fee.





Thank you Vanessa for changing my life.

“Tidying my house was the biggest life changing decision I have ever made. Vanessa was thorough and organized and keeps a great working pace. Without her help I would have never gotten it done and done so well. Once you have the tidying bug you'll never go back. Organizing my things and keeping up with it has never been easier and now I look at it as one of my happiest past times. Thank you Vanessa for changing my life.”

— Lindita D.

I feel lighter and open to possibilities!

“Organizing and decluttering isn't simply about finding a new place for objects, but about looking at these objects analytically with an understanding of where they belong in relation to your journey with them. Through working with Vanessa I was finally able to address chronic areas of clutter and turn their stagnation into areas that maximized the flow of positive energy. I feel lighter and open to possibility thanks to this change!.”

— Lara C.

Hiring Vanessa was the best gift I gave myself..

“Hiring Vanessa was the best gift I gave myself.  She helped me declutter and find new organizations systems I could maintain.  I have created new habits and feel inspired to live more minimally in other parts of my life thanks to Vanessa.”

— Jenny Y.


Before and After