An oasis away from tension and stress. 

Relax, unwind and get those kinks out with an individualized theraputic massage therapy session customized to fit your needs and goals.  I combine Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Connective Tissue Therapy and Structural Alignment techniques.   



Therapeutic Massage
Relax your body & mind, & stimulate circulation with a soothing massage tailored to your individual needs. Choose from light, medium, or firm pressure.

60 min / $125
75 min / $145
90 min / $165

Deep Tissue Massage
Release tension held in your muscles & tissues with a deep massage that utilizes connective tissue therapy & neuromuscular therapy. Your knots (trigger points) will be worked out providing you much needed relief. 

60 min / $135
75 min / $155
90 min / $175



A true gift.

“Thank you for finding those spots of tension in my shoulders.  You have a true gift.”

— P. A..

Couldn't wait to schedule my next appointment!

"I've had many massages, most feel great, but there is a sense of going through the motions, or a routine. With Vanessa, the massage felt like it was specifically designed to me and what I needed at that particular time. Her timing, pressure and location where she knew I needed the attention were spot on. I left feeling so taken care of and couldn't wait to schedule my next appointment."

— S.H.

Fluid and completely relaxing.

“Vanessa is very fluid and really allows me to relax during a massage.  She listened to my requests on areas of focus.  I would highly recommend Vanessa for Massage therapy.”

— J.Y.